Grief is a normal reaction to any significant loss. Dr. Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, in her book, 'On Death and Dying,' defines stages of grief. Quiz Who's Online | Find Members | Private Messages
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Which Stage Of Grief Are You?
Grief is a normal reaction to any significant loss. Dr. Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, in her book, `On Death and Dying,` defines stages of grief.
personality test

1If someone close to you accidentally broke your new birthday gift, how would you react?
I would scream or yell at them or hit them.
I would try to fix it, even if I really know I can`t.
I would do nothing, because I don`t really care.
I would say it`s okay because it is.
I would do nothing because there is nothing I could do.
2When your friend makes a joke that isn’t funny what do you do?
I just shrug and/or say something meaningless like ‘whatever?’
I laugh politely.
I tell them it isn’t funny.
I make another joke that actually is funny and we both laugh.
3When you see someone you recognize crying what do you do?
I talk to them and try to cheer them up.
I try to get someone else to help them.
I talk and cry with them.
I leave them, there is nothing I can do.
I lecture them for being so selfish.
4You’re seriously injured and alone what do you do?
Stay out of sight until I get better, I don’t want people to see me like this.
I figure out whose fault it is so I can yell at them for it and show them what they’ve done.
I give myself first aid.
I go on as if nothing had happened, since there is nothing I can do.
I don`t worry about it because I know it will be okay.
5What do you do when you find someone attractive?
I try to get a date.
I get attention from her or him by giving them things or helping him or her.
I try to make sure he or she doesn’t notice me.
I treat her or him like dirt so he or she will leave me alone.

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