First Impressions mean a lot. How do others perceive you?

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What Kind of First Impression Do You Give Others?
First Impressions mean a lot. How do others perceive you? (e)
personality test

1What is your signature look?
Friendly grin on my face, I`m always smiling.
Neutral. I`m not very emotional. Even if I were, I don`t let people see it.
Mock looks of horror/shock.(Or any other emotion.)
Defiant look in my eyes.
Glassy look in my eyes, staring at nothing in particular with a very, very small, contented smile.
2When you talk, you like to...
Smile. It`s much easier getting people to understand you. They find more approachable.
Focus on the facts without any other movements. I`m not able to express myself too well.
Move my hands. And to wear my emotions on my sleeve. Isn`t that so expressive?
Have a impatient look on your face. That makes the guy nervous and he`ll do his task quicker.
Share all of my ideas. I can`t help it. Creativeness is in my blood.
3You`re at Burger King for lunch. A man spills his Coke on your new sweater. (Accidentally) You...
Say it`s okay and hurry home to change.
You move away quickly, blushing furiously.
You exclaim loudly," Oh my God!"
You spill your chocolate fudge sundae on him. "It was an accident!`, you protest.
You think," Oh, it was probably my fault. After all, I`m always daydreaming and clumsy."
4You`ve asked your boyfriend out but at the last minute he backs out, saying that he has to attend his little brother`s baseball game. You...
Approve of it. Isn`t it sweet that he cares so much about his little bro? *calls your girlfriends*
I don`t have and don`t want a boyfriend.
You insist that he come with you. OR. You break up with him, thinking that he doesn`t love you.
You decide to gate-crash the bro`s celebration party. It`s payback time.
You shrug and say," Oh well, more time to get in touch with my inner soul."
5You love to...
Sing, act or dance. Anything related to performing.
To make trouble and watch.
To create, write, read, draw.
6In school, you...
had no problem with making friends.
didn`t really have many people to eat lunch with.
were in the drama club.
spent most of your time in detention.
were in the art club.
7What kind of summer job would you prefer?
The operator at the amusement park.
A part-time job at the library.
A extra for a local movie.
Full-time trouble maker.
I`d start up a little stall and paint portraits.
8Which member of a band would you rather you were?
Lead guitar. I get to play those rockin` guitar solos, baby!
Nah, I just rather be backstage.
Lead singer. Where`s my spotlight?
Drums. They`re hardcore, man!
9Which pop song do you think was made for you?
A Public Affair by Jessica Simpson
Leave Me Alone (I`m Lonely) by P!nk.
Glamorous by Fergie ft. Ludacris
Smile by Lily Allen
You and Me by Lifehouse
10By the way, how was this? Only the good stuff.
It was a great quiz!
It was the bestest quiz I`ve ever taken! Oh, the wonderfully constructed questions and...
I hate to admit it but I actually liked this quiz.
This quiz is giving me a fantastic idea for my upcoming video...

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