Would you be reincarnated a rotten kid? A good nut? Or just plain wonky? This quiz will determine that answer! Also, PM me ideas for more questions if you can! Quiz Who's Online | Find Members | Private Messages
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Which Charlie & The Chocolate Factory Character Would You Be Reincarnated As?
Would you be reincarnated a rotten kid? A good nut? Or just plain wonky? This quiz will determine that answer! Also, PM me ideas for more questions if you can!
personality test

1Welcome to the afterlife.
Good morning, starshine! The earth says 'hello!'
Hello! It's nice to be here!
Vhen do ve get to eat?
It's very nice to meet you, sir. (curtsies)
I'm __________ maybe you've heard of me through all my accomplishments.
*expression that cannot express words*
2Change of plans. You get a second chance at life.
Oh, really? Oh, good!
Thank you!
Zat means I get to eat vat I never got to vet!
I want this second life to be perfect! I want to be famous and adored!
Great. I wasn't finished showing what more I can prove!
Whatever. As long as I can get back to my game.
*claps twice to express gratitude*
3Keep in mind, once reborn, you won't remember a thing from your past life. Are you willing to accept that?
Oh, I see. ...Well, that's weird.
I'm sure.
Vill I still remember candy?
But I WANT to keep my old memories of things I wanted and got!
You mean I won't remember the trophies and medals I won?!
Doesn't matter to me. As long as I have video games and important things to know, I'm fine.
*crosses arms and bows head in acceptance*
4Now that your new life is in order, you will...
Develop a need to create.
I don't know yet.
Develop a hunger.
Have an eye for things I WANT.
Want to outdo everyone!
Just be somewhere to relax.
Suddenly get a craving for Cocoa Beans
5Which of the following would most appeal to you?
Probably my newest, latest invention! You wanna know what it is?!
Yummy goodies!
Television, web and video games
Cocoa Beans
6So after adapting for a while, you find you're good at...
I don't really know to be honest.
Getting what I want!
Chewing gum endlessly!
Cracking systems.
Assisting in various departments
7What show appeals to you most?
You know what happens when you watch television all day?
Just the News is fine. (My family can't afford a television with many channels)
Kitchen Nightmare
Say Yes to the Dress
Game Shows. Survivor, Wipeout, you name it!
The Walking Dead
*flips through channels seeing what else is on*
8Pick the word you think best describes you.
9 Which of the following edible substances sounds good right now?
As long as it's not chewing gum. Do you know what happens when you chew gum all day? It's disgusting
Cabbage soup or even chocolate.
A salad and caviar.
Can't you see I'm already doing a world record right now?!
Anything but chocolate! I hate chocolate.
Cocoa Beans
10You recently have discovered dreams. What might this dream have been about?
...Dad? P...papa?
That I live happily ever after!
That I tasted the most delicious vhing in the whole vorld!
That I have become a celebrity!
I pwned this guy on my game whose been tough to beat for weeks!
*Sighs in happiness from a dream about the ultimate sized Cocoa Bean*
11You have recently discovered a fear. What might this fear be?
If I ever met my father again...
As long as I have my family, I'll be alright.
Ze idea of ze vorld vunning out of candy!
That I was denied something I REALLY REALLY WANTED!
I'm the world-record holder in chewing gum! I'm not afraid of anything!
What do I have to be scared of?!
*trembles at the idea of a world without Cocoa Beans*
12 Now, for sometime you have attended school, what might be your title/position?
I no longer go to school.
Just a misfit student.
All the kids tease ve because I'm alvays veating!
Most popular kid in school!
Most athletic.
Just want to be left alone to study.
*Uses hand signals to express I work rather than attend school*
13What sounds like a good occupation to you?
Chocolatier! Who has to run free and solo!
Just shoe-polishing is fine.
Food critic!
Fashion designer!
I wanna be in the olympics!
Software designer.
Hand signals *translation=coworker in a chocolate factory*
14How do you find yourself making friends?
I kinda isolate myself from others.
I'm nice to all even if they don't show it in return
As long as zey have yummy food!
People like me, but they think I demand too much
Everyone knows and loves me!
I only have a few select friends. Others think I have anger issues.
*I direct your attention to that I am friends with my own kind*
15How would you feel about a party?
Well, I haven't really gotten out in many a moon...
No one's ever invited me to a party.
Vill zere be a buffet?!
I only go to classy or popular kid parties!
Of course I'll go! It won't be a party until I get there!
How about no?
*Will be there to cater*
16Thoughts on teasing?
A little joke here and there
I would be much happier without it.
Vould you like some chocolate? Then you should have brought some.
Daddy! I want them to quit teasing me!
Puh-lease! No one teases me!
Anyone that crosses that path with me will be sorry they said crap about me!
*Sometimes I make jokes with my friends*
17Looks like you're settled in. Farewell.
Wonderful. Let's boogie!
Thank you! Good-bye!
*eating chocolate not caring*
Where's my result?! I WANT my result!
Yeah, yeah. See ya.
Great. I'm outta here.
*salutes farewell to you*

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