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Going Out with Heather (Simulation)
Would you and Heather be a compatible couple?
personality test

1Heather: *sigh* Hi. Heather here. As much as I detest Chris' contracts, he wants me to be in one of these quizzes. Let's get this over with. And you are?
Hi, Heather. My name is (y/n). Believe me, I'm no more thrilled about this than you.
Hey, Heather. A pleasure to make your acquaintance.
Someone ready to f*** you.  (Heather: *scoff* You're an even more disgusting pig than Owen!)
2Heather: Anyway, now that introductions are out of the way, shall we go out?
Absolutely and if it cheers you up, I'll pay for everything and you can simply relax.
When I'm good and ready. I may not have the most money, which means we'll have to keep it limited. 
Can it at least be with Gwen or Bridgette?!  (Heather: *scoffs and slaps your cheek*)
3Heather: Where shall we go? You better have something good in mind.
Since YT has a character max. refer to the image and select here if you choose this as your answer
Movie and dinner? That's just off the top of my head.
Yeah I have something good in mind. It just doesn't involve you being with me!
4Heather: What are your thoughts on me as a person?
You're pretty, strategic, but also mean to be honest (Heather: I don't like being mean all the time)
You have better morality than Courtney for one.  Heather: Anyone's a better person than Courtney!
Unfashionable b*tch! (Heather: You beg my pardon?!)
5Heather: Who did you vote for at Season Three's Finale? Me or Alejandro?
You of course! You're the lesser of two evils!  (Heather: That makes me a good guy! Yes!)
Alejandro. He just seemed interesting to watch. (with all due respect)
I cared for neither of you winning! It should have been anybody but you guys!
6Heather: If we worked together, what would be a good job for us?
Job? I see us winning the lottery someday! Our brains working together could make that happen!
Salon at the mall? I mean, you'd do the makeovers and me...maybe elsewhere in the mall?
Grave diggers and I have just the idea who I'd bury first.
7Heather: Describe me in one word
8Heather: Thoughts on fashion?
Fashion is my passion. What? Guys can be into fashion to!
It's fine. Just isn't something I care for.
Fashion is for girls and gays!
9Heather: Was it an injustice that Alejandro used my own stolen immunity idol against me?
Of course! You found it fair and square.
Honestly, I felt you deserved it for tricking him pretending to be affected by the Blue Moon.
B*tch you blew it. You hid it in the first place when you should have kept it in your pocket!
10Heather: Is it hard for you to make/keep friends?
Yes. I have trouble finding friends to hang with.
A bit. I mean, I have a FEW friends that I see sometimes.
I have tons of friends & am a way more popular person than you! (Heather: Alright! Bring it, dweeb!)
11Heather: Thoughts on ballet?
It's amazing. It's soothing and passionate.
Don't really care for it.
Ballet is crap!
12Heather: Do you often act on your revenge after someone did you wrong?
Of course! They have no right to do what they do to me!
I usually feel the desire at most, but usually too scared to act.
Yeah by calling the cops on them.  (Heather: ...Lame.)
13Heather: What would be the deciding factor that we should be together?
Our skills, abilities to think of ideas for revenge right on the spot & we're just plain malicious.
We'd look...good together?
By order of law.
14Heather: Ouch! I'm hurt! ...Well? Do something!
Fear not, Heather. I'll drive/uber you to my house & care for you. I'll be by your side thru & thru.
Be strong, Heather. I'll drive/uber you to the ER. You'll be in good hands & I will be by your side
I'll bring you to my house. You can use my bed. I'll be in a different room. Shout if you need me.
I'll drive/uber you to the ER. The doctors will care for you. I'll visit you daily.
Good riddance.
15Heather: It's my birthday and I have big plans. Willing to pay for it all? We'll go to the salon, have dinner at a fancy expensive restaurant and if there's time...a little dance?
Sounds awesome. I'm in.
If I must...
Hell no. That ain't no way to celebrate a birthday!
16Heather: Would you sacrifice yourself for me?
Of course! You've so much you haven't gotten to do. See you when your time comes.
Hard to say. I've many things I'm not proud of.
Heck no. You deserve to die first.
17Heather: Would you be able to share all your secrets, truths and opinions with me?
Of course. I've nothing too bad nor shameful on my record.
Some things are too much to bear.
Like I'd tell you anything.
18Heather: Ok, it's finally over. Final thoughts?
That was great. Shall we do it again sometime?
Fine for a one-time thing.
*Farts in your direction*  (Heather: *scoffs and covers nose* Just like Owen!)

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