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Going Out with Blackfire (Simulation)
Would you and Blackfire be compatible together?
personality test

1Blackfire: Hey, Stud. Goin' my way?
Hey, Blackfire, did you get kicked out of Hell? Cause you're too hot even for there.
Blackfire! What a pleasure to meet you.
Not likely, B*tchfire.
2Blackfire: Game for a date?
With you? All the way!
Sounds nice. Ready when you are.
How's a sudden end date work for you?
3Blackfire: Where shall we go first?
Dance club. I ain't afraid of a little dancing.
Somewhere to loiter or dine 'n' dash.
Movie and dinner? That's just off the top of my head.
...How about stay home?
4Blackfire: What about me attracts your attention?
Your sexy figure, beauty & voice. Not to mention how naughty you are when ignoring the law & rules.
You're hot?
You in prison Orange. (Blackfire: I'll take that as a compliment.)
5Blackfire: Place for us to work? (If we must)
Rulers of our own planet! (Blackfire: No doubt!)
CEOs of our own major company? (Blackfire: It's a start...not exactly a good one though.)
Grave diggers. You'll be my first corpse. (Blackfire: Least I'm open casket material.)
6Blackfire: If I was ruler of a planet, would you be willing to act as my servant? (Even though it would mean I'd have to humiliate you when I'm bored or depressed)
I'd do anything for you.
Only if I earn some sex in return.
Forget it. Find someone that deserves humiliation.
7Blackfire: Ever broken the law?
Definitely. I even have a mugshot to show for it.
Well, made a few prank calls & illegally downloaded of movies & music, but nothing THAT bad.
Certainly not. I'm a good civilian.
8Blackfire: If we weren't dating, what do you think of me with Robin?
Go for him. Least with you, he'll have a fun relationship.
Maybe if he & Starfire never met & you built a more heroic side. (Blackfire: Only in your dreams.)
Screw off him, B*tch. Starfire deserves him not you! (Blackfire: *raises glowing purple hand*)
9How do I look in my sister's outift?
Very sexy. Love to see you showing skin.
Not bad, but it looks better on Starfire (with all due respect)
In a mirror, b*tch.
10Blackfire: We're at an old abandoned warehouse. *starts dancing* Don't tell me a big boy like you is afraid of a little dancing.
No way! *joins in impressing you*
Of...course not. *joins in but isn't very good at dancing*
I don't care for dancing period.
11Blackfire: Great! In trouble with the law again!
I'll take the blame while you make a run for it.  (Blackfire: What relief! Bust you out later maybe)
You take the heat and I'll break you out.
Just serve your time and I'll visit you weekly.
Huzzah. Rot in prison.
12Blackfire: That was interesting. Final thoughts?
That was fun. We must do it again more often.
Fine for a one-time thing.
*flips you the finger*

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