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What style of dance are you?
Hiphop or jazz? Contemporary or salsa? Ballet or maybe Rock and Roll?
personality test

1How do you look when you're at class?
Loose pants, a tank top and clean indoor running shoes.
Hair's tied up in a tight bun (if kept long), wearing a leotard and pink/white tights.
A leotard or a fitted shirt with yoga/jazz pants. Jazz shoes or indoor running shoes.
Tight top, perhaps a leotard. Tight long pants with light jazz shoes.
A leotard or a fitted shirt, preferably with yoga/jazz pants. Barefoot.
Leather-soled dance shoes with a comfortable and thin top with shorts or yoga pants.
2What kind of music do you perform to?
Classical music.
Mostly pop or jazz music.
We used to perform to traditional rock 'n roll music, but pop and modern disco is fine.
Pop and jazz music is fine. Sometimes our music sounds a little New Age.
Primarily Cuban son, mambo, rumba and Puerto Rican music, Latin styles.
Hip hop/Rn'B/Pop music.
3Name your favourite dance steps.
The toe rises, split leaps and the pencil spin.
The double somersault, the "swan" and kicks.
Floorwork? We don't exactly name our dance steps step-by-step.
The "spot" turn, the Cross Body Lead, and Gancho.
Bopping, waving and a "freeze" (pike)
Grande jetes, arabesque and pas de chats.
4When and where did your style of dance appear?
At about 1955.
The 20th century.
During the 1950s but only gained much success in the 1970s.
The 1970s.
Around the late 15th century.
Late 1800s to mid 1900s.
5Name some famous choreographers/pioneers/dancers?
Martha Graham and Isadora Duncan.
Eddie Torres and Seaon Bristol.
Shane Sparks and Wade Robson.
Marie Taglioni and Anna Pavlova
Katherine Dunham and Jack Cole.
Roman Kolb and Miguel Angueira.
6If you were a non-dancer, you would have been completely clueless to what I've been asking, right? Okay, the last question that everybody understands: what is your favourite colour? Dancers can also opt for their dance styles' primary colour.
Any colour, really.
Polka-dots! :D
Dark and plain tones, like grey, white and black.

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