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1 month ago - Thursday 6/23/22 - 6:17:30 PM EST (GMT-5)
B&B: Dadgonne it, Grace! Let Paris be a grown-up and make her OWN decisions! It doesn't matter if you're right. Let PARIS decide!
1 month ago - Monday 6/27/22 - 5:44:36 PM EST (GMT-5)
Y&R: Hmm. So Tessa's been having issues with her throat. And we all know in soaps that when the seemingly smallest health issue comes up, it ends up being a big deal. It'll suck if Tessa's voice is affected to the point where she can no longer sing. I'm hoping this isn't anything life threatening.
1 month ago - Monday 6/27/22 - 6:13:55 PM EST (GMT-5)
Tessa saw a doctor. She has vocal cord nodules. She may need surgery and this could take her off of her summer tour and possibly affect her voice long term.

Phyllis let her animosity toward Diane ruin her relationship with Jack. She ended up calling a truce with Diane, although I think I could see she wasn't sincere. She's throwing herself on Jack's mercy and even said how she called the truce and that she's really changed. And he thinks she really is going to try but that she will revert back to her old ways.
1 month ago - Monday 6/27/22 - 6:35:56 PM EST (GMT-5)
B&B: BUSTED! Quinn found out Eric hasn't been playing pickleball because the courts have been closed for resurfacing. But her Health Ring alerted her to Eric's elevated heart rate again. And she found out from a club employee that Eric has been spending time in Bungalow #24. And she caught him with Donna.
1 month ago - Wednesday 6/29/22 - 6:20:04 PM EST (GMT-5)
Well, Quinn seems blindsided and angry, but she's not really flipping out on Eric and Donna. Now if she wants to get back with Carter, she better hurry and stop his wedding. Or she's going to lose both of her loves.

Eric asked how Quinn knew about his spiking heart rate. Apparently a ring on his right hand is a SmartRing. I wondered what he had on him that connected to Quinn's phone. She does sound like she's holding back tears but she hasn't gone off on him.

Eric told her that everything is easier with Donna. That he trusts Donna. So without coming out and saying he doesn't trust Quinn, that's the message he's sending her. He forgave her. But in making the statement that he trusts Donna and not saying he trusts, Quinn, that pretty much says he doesn't. And now Quinn is crying and her anger is escalating.
1 month ago - Wednesday 6/29/22 - 6:27:39 PM EST (GMT-5)
Grace is still trying to stop Paris from marrying Carter. She's not angry but doesn't want to see Paris hurt.

Eric told Quinn that he and Donna are meant to be together. Quinn says she doesn't know how to let go of Eric. He said she can do it. Qnd he even said he can tell she actually LOVES Carter. He figured it out when she was so concerned about him getting married. The nicest thing he said is that he is proud that he was her husband. And he sent her to stop the wedding. Before she left, she gave back the wedding band. But she's keeping the diamond.
1 month ago - Friday 7/1/22 - 6:23:05 AM EST (GMT-5)
Quinn is rushing with all her might to get to the wedding and stop it. But the valet was nowhere to be found to bring her car. And she was running around frantic and on her phone leaving Carter a message begging him not to marry Paris. She got to a place where bikes could be rented and she told him to charge it to Eric Forrester (I think that's what she said). She wiped out avoiding a flying volleyball from a beach game. She doesn't seem to be pedaling all that fast for someone who is in a big hurry. But she got there. I don't think they've been officially pronounced husband and wife yet.
1 month ago - Friday 7/1/22 - 5:56:18 PM EST (GMT-5)
Y&R: Oh, thank God! Victoria was putting on the performance of a lifetime! She convinced Ashland that they were starting their own corporation and that she was moving away from her family. She got him to put the $500M that Victor had given him previously into the corp account she created. She drained that and left him with what he deserves. Nothing! Good job, Vikki! You truly are your father's daughter!
1 month ago - Friday 7/1/22 - 6:40:27 PM EST (GMT-5)
B&B: Sheila is back trying to care for Finn. Trying to get him to open his eyes. He needs a DOCTOR, Sheila. And because of you, his Mom who was a doctor is likely dead. And someone's gonna find you and lock you back up eventually.

Well, Quinn did it. She stopped the wedding and declared her undying love to Carter and told him she wants to make a life with her. Of course, Paris is telling him not to listen to her and that he belongs with her. He stood silent and frozen forever, staring at Quinn. Then he finally turned to Paris, kissed her hand, and he and Quinn ran into each other's arms. There are looks of shock and dismay on some of the guests' faces. I'm sure Grace is thrilled.
1 month ago - Tuesday 7/5/22 - 6:50:42 PM EST (GMT-5)
B&B: So Sheila was caring for Finn and the prison guard that helped her escape (Mike) showed up. She was trying to get him to help her especially with trying to get meds from the prison pharmacy. Then Finn flatlined. She tried regular CPR which wasn't working so then she went using the paddles which she never did before. It seemed like that wasn't going to work either, but then he did come back.

Y&R: Vicki's back home and letting everyone know how she brought Ashland down. I have a feeling it's not over yet. She did, after all, commit fraud. But so did he. She welcomes the challenger. And Amanda's sister, Imani, is putting things in motion to get her hooks into Nate. She's making it sound like it's going to be a business meeting with them and Amanda. But when she made a dinner reservation, she made it for two.
1 month ago - Monday 7/11/22 - 6:40:43 PM EST (GMT-5)
Ridge has decided to move back home with Brooke. He told Taylor. Taylor has gone to talk to Deacon to see if Sheila has contacted him. And she hasn't. Not since her escape. And she told him how Ridge and Taylor are back together. They're having a very pleasant conversation, relating to one another. I smell a friendship then romance brewing.

Finn is awake and remembers everything. He knows Sheila shot him and that she intended to shoot Steffy. You hear his thoughts that he is going to get away from her as soon as possible and that she will never see him or his family again. He got her to go get meds and now he's trying to get up.
1 month ago - Monday 7/11/22 - 6:44:59 PM EST (GMT-5)
Y&R: Ashland is back in GC. And Diane was at the park with her grandson (Ashland's son). He wanted to try and see him just for a minute and that no one would have to know. Diane refused because the kid could let something slip and then she'd be in trouble. Later, she was talking to Michael and he hadn't known Ashland was already back. He was telling Diane he was headed back and might try to see his son. She told him if that happened, she wouldn't allow it and she'd take her grandson home. Michael actually didn't want her to but to actually allow the encounter so they could trap him into violating the restraining order. But she said she wouldn't be used that way. Her son wouldn't trust her and neither would Summer. Then she told him Ashland IS back and did exactly what Michael predicted. And she did exactly what she told him she would do.
30 days ago - Tuesday 7/12/22 - 6:36:36 PM EST (GMT-5)
OK, yesterday I thought maybe Diane really was turning over a new leaf. Today, I'm not so sure. I mean, it's subtle, but it seems like maybe she does have a self-serving agenda. She keeps bringing it up to Ali (Jack's new-found granddaughter) about how if she hadn't bought Ali's dad's house, she wouldn't be getting the opportunities she is. And even said she has no intention of selling the house and Ali is welcome to return there anytime. Almost like she wants to get rid of her. But I don't know why she'd want to do that. Then she started having a conversation with Ali about Phyllis and Phyllis did the same thing the other day. Both conversations have been making her very uncomfortable.
30 days ago - Tuesday 7/12/22 - 6:39:53 PM EST (GMT-5)
And there it is. Phyllis just called off her truce. She just told Diane she cannot do it anymore. That Diane is dangerous and she will not pretend she isn't. And Kyle walked in just as she said that. After he and Phyllis had a confrontation in the park and she said she wouldn't be the one to call it off.
29 days ago - Thursday 7/14/22 - 6:25:22 AM EST (GMT-5)
B&B: Easy now, Finn. You need to stay strong to take Sheila down. It might be better if you let her nurse you for a while and let her think you forgive her. Then do what it takes.

And now Sheila has come back and sees him squirming and asked what he's doing. He said he was just trying to test things and see if he could move. But he can't. She told him that in the few times he's alone, he's not to move. She doesn't want to risk his health. Her partner in crime came by because she chickened out getting meds herself. She's trying to get Mike to go. Finn is hearing the conversation.
28 days ago - Thursday 7/14/22 - 7:01:19 PM EST (GMT-5)
Ooh, Finn's really putting up a fight now. He wants to get to Steffy and his son. And he's telling Sheila to get him out of there and to get an ambulance. Go, Finn, go!
27 days ago - Friday 7/15/22 - 6:29:49 PM EST (GMT-5)
Finn went fighting Sheila again and even started yelling for help hoping someone would hear him. Sheila drugged him, injecting it into his IV.
24 days ago - Monday 7/18/22 - 6:54:15 PM EST (GMT-5)
Sheila's partner in crime is trying to suggest he and Sheila run away together, leaving Finn to die. But I think he's just putting on an act. Making her trust him completely before he turns on her.
23 days ago - Tuesday 7/19/22 - 6:31:42 PM EST (GMT-5)
Finn is now pleading with Mike to help him get out of Sheila's care and to a hospital. Sheila went to take a shower and left Mike to "babysit" Finn.
23 days ago - Tuesday 7/19/22 - 6:41:24 PM EST (GMT-5)
Brooke, Ridge and Det. Baker are confronting Mike at his work now. And Finn told Sheila he wants to be with his family and if she really loves him, she'll make it happen because she keeps telling him she loves him. She keeps saying he needs to get better first. Well, he wasn't having it. He pulled out all his cords and got out of bed. He even pushed Sheila. I just hope he can get away from her.
22 days ago - Wednesday 7/20/22 - 7:07:29 PM EST (GMT-5)
Well, Finn was overdoing it and fell. He's still trying to get Sheila away from him and to bring Steffy to him. b Sheila's swearing she will reunite him with Steffy when he gets his strength back. Yeah, I'll bet. And Finn is asking all kinds of questions about what exactly Sheila did to get him out of the morgue and to care for him and how she knew exactly what to do to treat him. She couldn't tell him so he knows she wasn't the one doing it. She had to admit it was his adoptive mom, Li. Now he wants to know where Li is.

Mike is being questioned now.
21 days ago - Thursday 7/21/22 - 3:27:28 PM EST (GMT-5)
Y&R: Ashland's out for blood. Adam was trying to enlist him in getting back at Victor for making him interim CEO which lasted about 20 minutes until Victoria returned. But Ashland isn't interested in the company. He's figuring he's after Victoria. And today, he was stalking her in the park.
21 days ago - Thursday 7/21/22 - 3:45:46 PM EST (GMT-5)
B&B: Sheila told Finn about Li's accident and told him she's dead. But she survived. Bill just found her somewhere. I think we're on our way to everyone knowing he's still alive and Sheila being arrested again!
18 days ago - Monday 7/25/22 - 1:32:01 PM EST (GMT-5)
Bill took Li to his house. She's struggling to talk after what she's been through. And Finn is still trying to fight Sheila.
16 days ago - Tuesday 7/26/22 - 3:35:28 PM EST (GMT-5)
Dang! Sheila was able to stop Finn again. I think he was about to strangle her but she harpooned him with another syringe. Whatever she gives him doesn't last very long, though. And Mike showed up telling her that the Forresters are on to them and they need to get out. The police will be on them soon. Li is remembering, but she still can't talk yet. Bill had a doctor come and look at her. She'll be fine physically but she's obviously been thru a trauma.

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